Medical Recruiting. Are you new to the term? If so, do not worry! There are different approaches to finding employment- particularly travel opportunities- in the medical field. At Jaykay Medical Staffing, we want your transition to be as simple and straight forward as possible. That is why we have created this helpful list of do’s and don’ts to help make your journey as painless as possible.

Why Choose a Recruiter?

Medical RecruitingIn today’s climate, the job market is as competitive as ever. It can be challenging to get visibility- particularly for up and coming talent. Outside recruiting agencies, such as Jaykay Medical Staffing, have access to a vast network of healthcare facilities and can use those connections to your advantage. More so, your recruiter understands exactly what is required for each position. They can help you apply to the ideal jobs for your skill set. Finally, registering with your recruiter means your profile will be submitted for a variety of jobs- versus countless hours of application time. Your recruiter works on your behalf.

“Dos” to Help Your Medical Recruiter Work With You

  • Be Honest: Your recruiter will review your licenses, your background, your experience, and your references. It is important to be transparent with your recruiter because issues will come to light during the vetting process. While, yes, there are certain issues that can disqualify you from moving forward in the employment process, you may be surprised to find that some things may not disqualify you after all. Your recruiter is here to help you- not to judge you. Be honest with them and let them advise you accordingly.


  • Listen: After understanding your qualifications and your career goals, your recruiter will review the best possible opportunities for you. However, these opportunities are not available indefinitely. When the recruiter offers you insights and directions, it is best to follow their lead. Whether it is updating your resume, or completing your paperwork in a timely manner, their advice is always in your best interest.


  • Ask Questions: Do not be afraid to ask clarifying questions regarding a position. Whether you want to understand the housing options, the salary versus the stipend breakdown, or what skills a specific position may require, there are no question too small. Asking questions facilitates a relationship with your recruiter and only serves to further your career goals and helps the recruiter meet your specific criteria.


  • Follow Up: While your recruiter is here to work on your behalf, you should not make them chase you. Do your best to be remain involved and invested in the process. By remaining active, your recruiter knows that you are interested and motivated regarding the positions for which you are being submitted.


  • Remain Professional: Current open positions can close quickly. You may not be selected for your first choice. However, your recruiter will do their best on your behalf. It’s important to maintain a high-level of professionalism with your recruiter as you would a hiring manager.


“Don’ts” To Keep in Mind

  • Don’t Quit Communicating: As mentioned above, remaining active in the process is a huge “do.” If you decide working with a recruiter is not for you, or if the offer you receive is not ideal, share those thoughts with your recruiter. A professional recruiter will not pressure you to take a job. However, if you cut off communication, that will just leave your recruiter with an unfavorable, unprofessional impression of you.


  • Don’t Be a Pest: Yes, we advocate remaining actively involved in your process. However, overdoing it can make you look desperate- and lead to further questions. Contact once or twice a week is a typically accepted average.


  • Don’t Take Things Personally: As previously mentioned, job orders can open and close very quickly. Your recruiter will work diligently on your behalf; however, selection by your first choice is not guaranteed. Remain positive and in contact with your recruiter. Other opportunities will become available.


  • Don’t Miss Your Appointments: If you have a drug test, health screening, or on-site interview scheduled, don’t miss your appointment. Your recruiter should give you all the details you will need. Be sure to check in with them prior to go over any specific points. Afterwards, touch base with your recruiter to let them know how everything went. Remember, your recruiter’s reputation is on the line just as much as yours.


Medical Recruiting: Other Points to Remember


Medical RecruitingWhile the recruiter is there to work on your behalf, medical recruiting is a two-way relationship. It is important to get the required documents to the recruiter in a timely fashion. Additionally, specific assignments may require additional documentation or testing. Completing these mandatory steps will ensure your profile submission will be as quickly as possible. It is also important to remember that these are the requirement of the facility- not the recruiter.

While working with a healthcare recruiter is only one path to employment, working with the correct one will only serve to enhance your career. Jaykay Medical Staffing is proof that not all recruiters are the same. We truly believe in personalized service and treating our employees like the valued family members that they are. To get started with your job search, view our available opportunities, call us  today at 800-442-5441 or send us a message.