Quite often, staffing agencies and recruiters focus their attention and resources assisting candidates with their job searches, preparing for interviews, etc. However, it is equally important to consider the facility hiring managers who are charged with the seemingly insurmountable task of keeping their facility appropriately staffed. After all, health care is far from predictable. Needs can change from month to month, week to week, and even day to day. Hiring even just one employee can take an astounding amount of time, energy, and resources. Now, consider hiring several…on a regular basis.

Research shows that the time employers spend on the hiring process has doubled in the last ten years. In industries like healthcare, where a high level of skill, professionalism, and knowledge is paramount, selecting the wrong candidate can be costly. However, there is a way to lighten the burden on your Human Resources department. Partnering with a staffing agency can drastically reduce the stress that comes with trying to maintain appropriate staffing levels. If you are a facility considering a hiring partner, here are the top five ways partnering with a recruiting agency can make a time and money saving difference.

A hiring partner has resources

While you may have a top notch human resources department, staffing agencies have resources solely dedicated to the process of sourcing potential candidates, evaluating those candidates, and pairing them with the perfect opportunity. More so, unplaced candidates are kept at hand for future openings. Thus, a hiring partner can immediately put their resources to work for you- providing pre-screened, quality candidates- often sooner than when sourcing them through traditional means.

High quality recruits

Hiring partners understand reputations are at stake with each candidate they put forth. Thus, candidates are first put through a rigorous on-boarding and screening process. Therefore, rather than a hiring manager spending hours combing through hundreds of resumes, resumes of primarily unqualified candidates, you receive a short list of high quality recruits to consider.

Saving time= saving money

When you consider the time invested and cost of advertising, recruiting can be costly. More so, each day that passes without a new hire, can be costly as well. As previously mentioned, hiring partners have resources at their disposal and processes in place that can drastically speed up the hiring process. Anyone in business can tell you, saving time usually equates to saving money. Therefore, using a recruitment agency to maintain your healthcare staffing needs can drastically reduce your overall hiring costs.

Avoid the competition

Staffing agencies understandably have a huge presence in the job marketplace. They are actively recruiting for facilities just like yours. Why compete against them for the same candidates when you could be putting their resources to work for your team as well?

The matter of compliance

Hiring, employment and HR regulations are more complex than ever before. Additionally, regulations often vary by state. Now, in the current climate, we are seeing regulations change at lightning speed. It can be easy to- inadvertently- fall out of compliance. Why not work with a hiring partner that can help you navigate these potential landmines? In fact, many recruitment firms such as Jaykay Medical Staffing, will employ Compliance Managers who diligently monitor these requirements. Therefore, in addition to providing you with quality candidates, they will ensure your facility remains compliant throughout the process.

The power of a hiring partner

At Jaykay Medical Staffing, the success of your facility is our mission. From our recruitment reach, our large database of pre-screened applicants, to our continuing dedication to maintaining compliance, we are poised to assist with any recruiting challenges you may have. Whether you are looking for part-time, long-term, or travel medical professionals, Jaykay Medical Staffing can meet all your staffing needs. Contact us  or call us at (800) 442-5441 TODAY to learn more about our services.