Partnering with a recruiter may seem like an unnecessary step in your job search. After all, there are tons of job boards, hiring events, and online portals. There are plenty of go-it-alone resources.  However, there are several reasons why you should partner with a recruiter and a recruitment agency. Agencies like JayKay focus on building long-lasting relationships with their candidates. Whether your goal is long term employment at one facility, or a variety of eight week travel assignments, recruiters can make all the difference in achieving your career goals. Regardless of your career path, here are the reasons why successfully partnering with a recruiter is game changing when it comes to navigating your job hunt.

Scroll no further

While it is true that there are thousands of jobs posted online, how much do you truly know about them? How do you make sure you aren’t duplicating your applications? Is the company still actively looking for candidates or are you applying to a position that has already been filled? Many times, job boards, while offering plenty of options, can be an overwhelming and lonely place. When partnering with a recruiter, you will have to scroll no further!  Recruiters and their partner companies often have huge lists of openings just waiting for the ideal candidate. More so, most recruiters receive daily updates on the status of the listings. They will direct you to open opportunities in order to maximize your efforts.

Personalized job matching

Having a wide variety of jobs, in various locations, and for multiple disciplines, can be a huge asset to any candidate. However, it requires the recruiter to have a discerning eye. The facility relies on the recruiter to review your resume, your experience, your qualifications, and any requirements you may have to ensure you are the best match for the position. While this may lead to delays in initially placing a candidate, it is an essential step in placing the right candidate in the right position.

Although the delay can prove frustrating, having patience and allowing the recruiter to put their years of experience to work for you, allows them to personally match you to a job. This eliminates any guesswork you may have about whether you are the right one for the position. Additionally, the process will ensure the position is the right one for you as well.

 Your very own advocate

When submitting your resume via a company website or job board, you have no choice but to rely solely on your resume to get you in the door. You hit “send” and are left questioning whether it was received- let alone whether it is good enough to stand out from the hundreds of other resumes being submitted.

When working alone, there is no one connecting with the hiring manager and advocating on your behalf. When you are working with a recruiter, they are your friend on the inside. They make sure the hiring manager sees your resume. Your recruiter will help your candidacy stand out and give you a voice you would not have otherwise. If a hiring manager has any hesitations, your recruiter becomes your advocate.

A glow up for your resume

Let’s be honest- very few people enjoying writing resumes. If we dig deeper, even fewer enjoy customizing their resume each time they apply for a new opportunity. On the flip side, some of us may edit and edit and edit our resumes for the fear that they are never quite good enough. Partnering with a recruiter means you will have a second set of eyes on your resume. They will provide advice on creating the most desirable resume for your intended position. Working with a recruiter will provide you direction and insight not available when you’re flying solo.

Partnering with a recruiter: make it successful 

Just like with any relationship or partnership, communication is key. It’s important to be transparent with your recruiter. When searching for a position’s ideal candidate, recruiters are also looking to make sure a certain position is right for the candidate. Are you looking to travel (or stay local) to a certain area? Are you wanting full time, part time, or per diem? Is ensuring you work a certain shift a top priority to you? Or will you take whatever shifts, in whatever location – as long as the money is there? The priorities of no two candidates are alike. It’s important that you share your priorities and motivators with the recruiter.

Along with transparency and open communication, it’s important to work with a sense of urgency when providing the needed documentation to process your application. Most of the time, job opportunities open and close very quickly. Facilities partner with various staffing agencies to staff their openings as soon as possible. Therefore, the recruiter should receive your credentials as quickly as possible. This way, they can submit you for consideration before the submission window closes.

Stay in touch

Whether you are placed right away, or it takes some time to find the right assignment, working with a recruiter is a great opportunity to learn and grow as a candidate. Once you are matched with your recruiter, stay in touch with them! Touch base with them and see what new jobs have become available. Once you start work, share how it’s going. Whether or not you’re on the job, or waiting for one, your recruiter is in your corner.

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