Traversing the world of medical staffing can be intimidating – regardless of whether you are a newbie or a veteran. While there are often similarities across agencies, each business has its own idiosyncrasies. When signing on with any agency, it is important to understand how they operate. We’ve complied this list of frequently asked questions to help you get to know both JayKay Medical Staffing, and the world of medical staffing itself, a bit better.

I want to start traveling. What should I do?

If you are considering travel nursing, we suggest you first decide where you want to go. Once you have an idea of your top travel destinations, it’s time to research the licensing requirements for those locations-along whether your specific skill set is needed in that area. While some agencies have the resources to help you get your license, most facilities and agencies are looking for someone with active credentials. For more details on getting started, you can check out our blog post for first time travel nurses.

What is the difference between local and travel assignments?

The short answer is that local assignments typically do not have a max contract length or end date. Travel assignments have an end date. Additionally, local assignments have a taxable straight hourly rate. Meanwhile, travel assignments usually involve a taxed hourly rate with an untaxed stipend. You can learn more about travel and local nursing in our recent blog post.

How do I apply? What does the process look like?

The first step in the process is connecting with us. You can show your interest by completing our initial application or searching our job boards and applying to a specific position. Once you have taken the first step, we will connect you with your personal staffing specialist. Your staffing specialist will have detailed information on positions in your area of expertise and where you are looking to work. From that point, your staffing specialist will walk you through your next steps.

What do I need to apply?

Applying for a new position can be a daunting endeavor. However, staffing agencies are often able to streamline the process considerably. Quite often, there are application requirements that are the same across the board. While some specific requirements can vary based on the facility, having certain items when applying will provide for a much smoother application process. Those documents include:

  • Updated, professionally formatted resume
  • Professional license
  • CPR / BLS / ACLS Certification
  • Two professional references
  • Personal identification
  • TB test, physical or other health related results

Again, the requirements for your desired location may require from additional documents from applicants.  However, having these basic items at hand will serve to expedite the application process.

What should I include in my resume?

A professional resume is a vital part of successfully landing a new position in the medical community. Whether you are applying directly with the facility, or working through a staffing agency, your medical resume is often the first, and sometimes only, impression the decisionmakers will have of you. Hence, having an up-to-date, thorough resume is the first step to achieving the position of your dreams. Here are the top five items to consider when drafting (or editing) your medical resume:

  • Good contact information
  • Include your education
  • Detail your relevant skills and experience
  • Clearly define your objectives
  • Don’t forget to edit

We dug deeper into each of these, and you can read more about these top resume improving tips here.

Why should I work with a recruiter?

Agencies like Jaykay focus on building long-lasting relationships with their candidates. Whether your goal is long term employment at one facility, or a variety of eight week travel assignments, recruiters can make all the difference in achieving your career goals. Regardless of your career path, recruiters can be a friend on the inside, help improve your resume, and offer you a plethora of job opportunities. Recruiters can certainly help you supercharge your job search.

More questions? We’ve got answers!

Although this blog contains the most popular questions we get from candidates, you may have a question we didn’t cover. More so, you may feel your question is specific to your situation and would prefer to ask it directly. Not a problem!

You can certainly email us, connect with us through social media, or message us via the website. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the services we offer here at JayKay Medical Staffing. You can also comment your question and we may work on another list! Let’s connect today!