JayKay Medical Staffing proudly services the staffing needs of the medical community by connecting healthcare facilities and top-notch job seekers.

Jaykay Medical StaffingJaykay Medical Staffing has successfully been providing talent recruitment for more than 18 years, with our recruiters bringing more than 25 years of experience, specializing in the placement of healthcare professionals for clients in all 50 states. Here at Jaykay Medical Staffing we pride ourselves in being the visionary leaders of the Health Care Staffing world. We seek the most gifted candidates in the healthcare field with our primary focus on helping them find their dream job.  Whether that describes you or the employee you’re looking for, we’re here to meet all of your staffing needs.

We understand that patient volumes rise and fall. Patient-to-staff ratios should be set to give the maximum quality of care; that’s where we come in. In a highly competitive healthcare marketplace with skyrocketing clinician shortages, let us put you at ease and staff the brightest and most capable minds. Jaykay Medical Staffing delivers quality talents through a wide variety of staffing solutions to fit your need. We work with you to determine how to effectively meet your staffing requirements while raising your quality of care and saving you some serious dollars.

  • We maintain a database of more than 100,000 highly-capable candidates.
  • We center our staffing strategy on both engaging, and retaining the brightest, most sought after medical professionals.

We strive to build our business around the personal connections we make with our clients and team members. We won’t treat you as just another customer. We aim to help you maintain a steady pace with all of your staffing needs both now and in the future.

We have built a reputation for seeking only the most forward-thinking candidates in the health care field.

We attract top-notch talent and prioritize strong, lasting relationships.

Jaykay Medical StaffingAt Jaykay Medical Staffing, our robust client base affords us the opportunity to offer our candidates a wide range of exciting travel and local employment opportunities across the United States in a variety of facilities. If you are a licensed medical professional, with expertise in the following fields, we would love to hear from you!

  • Nursing (CNA, LPN, RN)
  • Therapy (Occupational, Speech, Physical, Recreational)

Jaykay Medical Staffing also offers these other great opportunities:

  • Physicians
  • Behavioral Health Specialists
  • Pharmacy
  • Dietetics
  • All other healthcare professions

At Jaykay, we promise to never treat you as just a number. Your employment successes are our successes. Whether you are looking for an opportunity close to home, or to work in as many locations as possible, our goal is to help you achieve the career path of your choosing. Whether it’s your first day, or you have been with us for years, at Jaykay Medical Staffing  you will find that your individualized concerns are a priority to us. Without you, our team member, we wouldn’t be who we are today.

Whether you are looking for employees or employment opportunities,

put JayKay to work for you!